Everyone should be engaged in his own business!

One of  the main aspects in our business policy is prohibiting of advertising vehicles which are not currently available on the dealership yard or just sold out. But some of Mauritian dealers are so upset about this, that they allow themselves even personal insults toward to administration of our project. Well! Let me try to make it clear, and I hope that understanding of our concept will finally cross the mind some of the most complicated MU car dealers.

The first of all, we are in the market for our users, and only then for our costumers. This is our corporate politic, we stiсk to it very strongly. Because the biggest disappointment for our user is an attempt to mislead them, or waste of their time, which might be considered by them this way if we advertise something which is not yet available.

Yes, I understand that it saves your money and makes things very easy, as no need to invest your own money and you can work with clients money instead. But the problem is that people are buying used cars under influence of emotions, and they don’t want to wait. They want it right now, and right here, and even willing to overpay for it.

And finally ask yourself! If we have most popular website in Mauritius for selling used cars. Why do we actually need you "a local dealer"? Can’t we just make a deal with some Japanese or UK company and start to sell cars by ourselves? And tomorrow we would have 10,000 cars to offer! What is the difference for a final customers if currently you are doing the same? Trust and reputation? - I think we have enough of it.

The only reason why we still don’t do it, because this is not our business. We advertise other people’s cars and happy about it. We respect them, by filtering junk and rubbish proposals, and they respect us, by visiting our network continuously more and more.


Dmitry Mazuryk